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Arturia has been recreating vintage synths plug-ins since 1999. Arturia software synthesizers are based on TAE (standing for True Anlog Emulation), a technology that was developed by Arturia to give incredibly accurate modeling of their plug ins. What does this mean for you? If you want that real vintage sound, Arturia is the way to go! In more recent years they have taken that expertise and developed some ingenious hardware controllers and analog synthesizers. In January 2016, they showed the world the MatrixBrute, the next generation of analog synths, with creativity only limited by your imagination. 

Arturia Prophet V3 $74.00 $149.00
Arturia Solina V $74.00 $149.00
Arturia Jup-8 V $74.00 $149.00
Arturia ARP 2600 V $74.00 $149.00
Arturia CS-80V $74.00 $149.00
Arturia CMI V $74.00 $149.00
Arturia DX7 V $74.00 $149.00
Arturia Jun-6 V $99.00 $199.00
Arturia OB-Xa V $99.00 $199.00
Arturia Piano V $124.00 $249.00
Arturia Farfisa V $74.00 $149.00
Arturia B-3 V $74.00 $149.00
Arturia Mini V3 $74.00 $149.00