Arturia Solina V


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Virtual Polyphonic String Machine with Aftertouch, Resonant Filter, Arpeggiator and effects

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The Solina V is our latest venture into classic keyboards. We have modeled and faithfully reproduced the classic Arp/Eminent Solina string ensemble to generate those warm and fuzzy string sounds that graced so many hit records.

This Years Super Model
We began by modeling the original Solina MK1 from Eminent making sure that the Violin, viola, cello, horn and trumpet sounds was as rich and warm as the original. The renowned ENSEMBLE effect was carefully modeled and is a thing of beauty that cannot be found in any of the sample based string machines.

One step beyond
Besides the original features of the Solina that we recreated we took a step further and expanded the sonic pallet beyond anything the original designers could have imagined.

Additions like the Vox Humana and Resonators from the Polymoog synthesizer, original paraphonic and new polyphonic modes of operation, a 24dB per octave filter on the bass section, LFO, Arpeggiator, etc. all add up to creating the biggest and baddest string machine ever.

Strings and Things
When we started making our Solina model we wanted it to have some unique features that would enhance the sound and expand its capabilities. And so we decided to include a model of the famous Vox Humana from the 1978 Bob Moog's polysynth, a classic instrument that was built by Norlin. This was one of the greatest ‘top-octave’ instrument sounds from the late 70’s, perhaps most famous for its presence on Gary Numan’s early albums.

This same product had a unique filter bank with 3 filters in parallel and 3 modes for the filters. We added these features “under the hood” in our Open mode.

Solina V also has additional features for the bass section in Open mode, with an arpeggiator and a ladder-style filter providing even more innovative options for sound creation.

Eventually the original Solina Ensemble effect became stereo, making the MK2 model sound even more lush. We’ve included both the original mono ensemble as well as the stereo version in Solina V for full authenticity. This is a huge part of the Solina sound and something that you will not find in sampled versions of the Solina. No other products recreate this effect by modeling the original designs; most just give you a generic chorus effect and try to sell it as the real deal.

Phasers, echos and reverbs, OH MY!
Thanks to Jean-Michel Jarre, the world first experienced the Solina sound with a slow phase shifter applied. It is a classic sound that is loved by many. On the Solina V we added a very nice Dual Phaser that will get you that sound and many more. We also added a stereo chorus as well as a digital and analog delay. To round out the effects section we modeled the response characteristics of a number of vintage spring and digital reverbs. These convolution reverbs add an amazing spaciousness to Solina V sound.

Control Issues?
Arturia always makes it a point to provide complete control over the parameters of our modeled instruments. This is true of Solina V as well: you have access to every one of the parameters via a simple MIDI learn function. You can also store different configurations and recall them as needed. You’ll be able to adjust and automate the sound to your heart’s content. Sounds like success

  • Arp/Eminent Solina string ensemble.
  • Vox Humana sound modeled after the original Polymoog synthesizer
  • Classic Paraphonic operation as well as separate Polyphonic mode
  • Polymoog resonator section on Upper Section
  • 24dB per octave resonant filter on Bass Section
  • Arpeggiator on Bass Section
  • LFO for Vibrato, Tremolo and filter modulations
  • Aftertouch and velocity modulations
  • Solina MK1 and MK2 ensemble modes
  • 3 mode Stereo chorus
  • stereo dual phaser
  • analog delay
  • digital sync delay
  • Convolution reverb with 24 modeled reverbs
  • 150 presets