Korg MS20 Mini Analog Synth


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37-key Classic Analog Synthesizer with Mini Patchbay, External Signal Processor, MIDI In, and USB for MIDI Connectivity
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Back and smaller than ever, Korg's MS-20 mini analog synthesizer revives the legendary MS-20 synth in all of its glory, but at 86% of the original size. This is no copycat knockoff either - the MS-20 mini is nearly identical to the original, with the same analog oscillators (now digitally stabilized), first-generation filters, and a VCA that's been tweaked to reduce noise. You'll also find cool new additions, including an External Signal Processor for your mics and instruments, MIDI In, and even USB connectivity, onboard the Korg MS-20 mini

Just like the original only smaller... and cleaner
It's no secret that technology's gotten a lot smaller since the late '70s, so when Korg decided to bring the MS-20 back, they decided to drop down the scale, making the MS-20 mini exactly 86% the size of the original. Best of all, they did it without changing any of the core components, with the exception of the VCA, which they tweaked to be less noisy. They even shrank down the MS-20 mini patch bay, trading the 1/4" phono jacks for 1/8" mini jacks to make extra room for the new External Signal Processor section.

External Signal Processor unlocks a world of creative options
Plug your guitar or microphone directly into the Korg MS-20 mini and start tweaking - you won't believe the fun and funky sounds you can come up with. Utilizing the MS-20 mini's External Signal Processor (ESP) section, you can use almost any sound source to control the pitch or volume of this incredibly flexible synth. Vocoding, guitar synth, you name it! It's all possible with the MS-20 mini.

Onboard MIDI and USB lets you connect all your music gear
Here's something die-hard synth nut would have given an arm and a leg for back in 1978: advanced connectivity like MIDI and USB. With its MIDI In port, you can easily incorporate your Korg MS-20 mini into your live keyboard rig or add a full-sized keyboard to gain access to a much wider note range. USB opens up even greater possibilities, allowing you to integrate your MS-20 mini with the rest of your studio DAW.


  • The legendary 1978 Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer reborn
  • Built to 86% scale, making this MS-20 more portable than ever
  • Provides powerful vintage sound, from deep, growling basses to crisp, rounded leads
  • Two oscillators with ring modulation provide a wide range of sound
  • Envelope generators with delay and hold add exciting motion to your tone
  • VCA (Voltage Controlled Amp) maintains the original basic design, but modified to reduce noise
  • First generation filter design (highpass/lowpass with peak/resonance) capable of self-oscillation
  • ESP (External Signal Processor) utilizes the pitch or volume of an external audio source to control the synthesizer
  • 1/8" jack-based patching bay lets you create complex sounds
  • 37-note keyboard is also 86% the size of the original
  • MIDI In and USB connector provides keyboard and DAW MIDI connectivity
  • Includes original MS-20 owner's manual and settings chart