Korg Volca Sample Digital Sample Sequencer


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Sample sequencer, 100 sample sounds in real time, MIDI In, and Sync I/O

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  • Description
Killer Sample Sequencer for Modern Synth Rigs
Expanded with double the memory, new sequencer functions, and USB for computer connectivity and sample management, the Korg Volca Sample 2 delivers the fun and freedom of an old-school sample sequencer in a format that's perfect for modern electronic musicians and modular synth rigs. It comes loaded with 100 killer samples that you can tweak, sequence, and automate all on the fly, with cool functions such as reverse, swing, and reverb to keep things interesting. A custom iOS app lets you capture and upload your own samples, and Korg's sync I/O let you combine the Volca Sample 2 with your other Volca and Electribe gear. If you're inspired by turning found sounds into music, you'll love what you can do with the Korg Volca Sample 2.

Top-level controls make sample tweaking easy One thing the synth nuts here at Sweetwater really love about the whole Volca series is how simple these gadgets are, and the Volca Sample 2 is no exception. Few samplers give you the kind of hands-on control over your sound as the Volca Sample 2, whose matrix of step-programmable parameters includes four sample knobs, four pitch knobs, and four amp knobs. Want to pitch down that clap? Twist a knob. Want to draw out the decay? Twist another knob. How about shifting the starting point? You get the idea. With all of these controls at your fingertips, dialing in the sound you want is incredibly fast and freakishly easy.

Simple sequencing delivers sophisticated results
One look at the Volca Sample 2, and you already know it's set up to handle step sequencing like a champ, but that's far from the extent of this clever little sample player's programable nature. While programming each parameter step-by-step may be your style, its motion sequence real-time parameter recording makes automating 11 aspects of your samples in real time a breeze. Pattern chaining allows you to craft longer sequences, and a Start Delay function allows you to delay the timing of any part to create groove and swing variations.

AudioPocket iOS app lets you capture samples anywhere
Korg bills the Volca Sample 2 as a sample sequencer, but if you have an iOS device handy, then you can easily turn it into a full fledged sampler via the AudioPocket iOS app. With AudioPocket, you can load samples from your computer via iTunes or record new samples directly to your iOS device, where you can prep them and upload them to your Volca Sample 2 (check out the video on this page). And because the Volca Sample 2 is equipped with a USB port, you can also transfer samples and manage your library directly from your desktop or laptop computer.