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1-in 4-out MIDI thru box, Battery or 9V AC/DC adapter operated
  • Description
MIDI Splitter is a 1-in 4-out MIDI thru device which allows you to connect your computer or MIDI controller to 4 different devices and control them simultaneously. MIDI Splitter is equipped with universal 5-pin MIDI connectors, which you can find in almost every MIDI hardware. It can be powered by a battery or a power supply making it the ultimate portable solution.

  • 1-In 4-Out MIDI thru box 
  • Connect up to 4 devices to your favourite MIDI controller 
  • Opto-isolated active MIDI input 
  • Easy plug-and-play setup 
  •  Low power consumption 
  •  All MIDI channels & messages 
  •  Powered by a battery (included) or a standard 9V AC/DC adapter 
  •  100% hardware compatibility with any device equipped with MIDI port 
  •  Ultra low MIDI data latency
MIDI Splitter uses one of two power sources: power supply (primary power source) or a battery (secondary power source). When power supply is plugged in, the battery is not used.

MIDI Splitter features active circuitry which cleans up the MIDI data to ensure highest quality of MIDI transmission. The input is opto-isolated in order to protect all devices connected to MIDI Splitter.

MIDI Splitter works with every MIDI device equipped with a standard MIDI port (DIN-5). Just plug your MIDI controller or a device transmitting MIDI messages to MIDI IN port, then plug the receiving MIDI devices to MIDI OUT ports and your MIDI Splitter is ready to work!

MIDI Splitter can be used with one of our controllers ( XY MIDIpad, XY MIDIpad mini, MIDI Strip) allowing them to be simultaneously connected to Kaoss Pad, DigiTech Whammy or any other MIDI device.

MIDI Splitter package includes:

- MIDI Splitter
Dimensions: 49 x 128 x 72 mm (H x W x D), Weight: ~180 g (without battery)
- Battery
High-quality 9V battery (non-rechargeable)
- Rubber pads
4 adhesive backed round rubber pads
- Velcro strips
4 adhesive backed Velcro strips (two of each type)
- Manual
4-page user manual in English