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CME Xkey Wireless MIDI (WIDI Bud Bluetooth)


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25-key Ultra-slim USB Controller Keyboard with Full Velocity Sensitivity, Polyphonic Aftertouch, Full-size Keys, and Class-compliant USB Connectivity for Most Music Creation Applications - OS X, Windows, and iOS
  • Description

The WIDI BUD was created to enable you to easily play and perform music on your setup without wires.

The WIDI BUD is a class compliant Low Energy Bluetooth adapter which has been optimized for low latency MIDI music connection.

The WIDI BUD will connect with nearly any Bluetooth MIDI device and is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and google Chromebook devices.

The WIDI BUD was made for the Xkey Air 25 and the Xkey Air 37, but it will work on nearly all Bluetooth MIDI devices such as the Korg micro KEY Air, Nano KEY studio, Jamstik+, Yamaha MD-BT01/UD-BT-01, Roland A-01, and more.

  • The WIDI BUD is designed to have minimal latency specifically for playing music. Possible due to the specialized software inside the dongle’s firmware using the latest Bluetooth technology.
  • No need to worry about drivers, language settings, 32 or 64 bit issues or slow hard drives. WIDI BUD just plugs into your USB port and it’s ready to go. Even works great on phones.
  • The smart implementation of the latest Bluetooth ‘Host’ software means your Xkey Air keyboard (or other Bluetooth MIDI instrument) airs with WIDI BUD automatically. No more manual scanning or pairing
  • Key Features:Connects wireless Bluetooth MIDI keyboard automatically to PC, tablet, or phoneDecreases input latency widely compatible