Lab4Music Sipario X Advanced MIDI Router


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Advanced MIDI Router supporting Splits/Layers, Program Change and CC Messages
  • Description
Connect your devices to SiparioX and manage your setup with a touch.

Easily programmed using the Display Touch and the Encoder.

Small, lightweight, strong and easy to position.

SiparioX is the evolution of the MIDI router Sipario, designed to be at the center of a keyboard setup in order to always have the sounds ready to use.
The musician creates his own lineup of tracks (SCENES) and within each, program the sounds that represents with text.

During the execution you can pass from a configuration (PERFORMANCE) to another by pressing on the touch display, or, in sequence by pressing the pedal connected to SiparioX or through the backlit button that is located on the front of the device. In every moment the musician decides what to play and from which keyboard, by programming splits and layers among different sources. Programming is done without the use of PC and through touch display!

Splits e layers
up to 20 layer (MAPS) per performance with which create splits e layers.

Splits e layers
up to 20 layer (MAPS) per performance with which create splits e layers.

Pitch wheel
control solo parts from your digital piano using the integrated pitch wheel.

Programming controllers
connect a MIDI controller to SiparioX and program: faders, potentiometers and pads to send control changes and MIDI sync messages.

Devices syncronization
SiparioX can be the MASTER of the setup, generating MIDI clock valorized in BPM, with the possibility to starting sequences by sending start/stop/continue MIDI messages.