Digital and Analog Recording Equipment

Recording Devices for All Needs, in All Shapes and Sizes

Shop our music recording equipment store for a huge selection of products for every need and expertise to help you find what’s right for you! Whether you’re looking for home music studio recording equipment or equipment to outfit a full-fledged studio, you’ll find all the digital and analog recording equipment you might need.

We have the classic gear along with the most up-to-date options, including high-fidelity, portable options. For us, small handheld recorders have replaced most of the big boxes we used to lug around to practice or use with the band. They can be plugged directly into the sound board to capture your live sound and then later mixed with great vocals recorded in your home studio. Whether you use studio monitors or headphones (or maybe both) to mix your masterpiece, with the quality music recording equipment for sale here, it will sound awesome!

But you know the best thing about recording today? How easy and inexpensive it can be! A mic, a handheld recorder, a pair of monitors or headphones, and you, the artist, are all that are really required to get started.Buy music recording equipment from MIDI Store for unbeatable prices in the best by-musicians-for-musicians store online. Have questions?