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Huge cinematic drums and ethnic percussion from around the world with effects and reverb - Mac/PC VST 2, VST 3, AU and AAX

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Huge cinematic drums and ethnic percussion from around the world are nothing new in a sample library. But it is exceedingly rare to find one single collection as complete as Stormdrum 3. Designed for film and game composers looking to create bombastic and thunderous percussion, Stormdrum 3 delivers more power than you could ever ask for. And even when you want subtle, tame, more ambient drums and metal hits, it places all of this and more in your arsenal.

The true potency of Stormdrum 3 is that it enables you to craft a fantastic musical story of any culture, any era, in any context. A documentary of the Amazon rainforest would be incomplete without deep tribal drums, and an intense sci-fi thriller featuring a heart-pounding speeder chase wouldn’t be the same without futuristic, designed auxiliary percussion. Stormdrum 3 gives you vivid realism, clean recordings, and maximum strike on every hit. We put all of our focus entirely on designing the perfect tool to architect cinematic experiences on command. Whenever your stream of ideas begins to dry up and you begin forcing yourself to continue composing, Stormdrum 3 will jumpstart your inspiration with a bang.

Mickey Hart (of The Grateful Dead) brought his private collection to EASTWEST STUDIO ONE, in tandem with the Remo company. Nick Phoenix recorded an arsenal of drums, woods and metals hand-selected by one of the world’s greatest percussionists over his career. “In SD3, our focus was to capture Mickey’s unrivaled percussion collection in the best possible multi-sampled way. It is very flexible. And note that even the close mix comprises the input from 8 microphones. This virtual instrument is his legacy, and mine as well,” says producer Nick Phoenix.

Taiko Family: The Holy Grail of taiko samples, these instruments were recorded from taiko drums in the collections of Mickey Hart, Remo, and the top taiko builders in Japan. Boasting individual hits as well as full ensemble strikes, Stormdrum 3 gives you the best source material possible to add a realistic taiko ensemble to your music.

Big Drums: Large, deep, and booming, this collection comprises the heavy backbone of Stormdrum 3, not including taikos. With names like The Beast, Lord Of Toms, and Dragon Ensemble, you should get a sense of the raw power in Mickey’s one-of-a-kind drum collection.

Gongs Clocks Waterphone: Mechanical and detailed, this is the perfection collection for you if you enjoy adding subtle, barely-noticeable layers that your music would be strangely incredible without. One of the coolest highlights is a set of recordings from 6 antique clock shops, perfect for creating complex rhythms without cluttering your percussion section.

Metals: You get access to the many bells, deep bowls, chimes, and cymbals collected by Mickey on his world travels. This unique collection includes everything from handmade doorstop drums and hammered copper pots to the Brazilian berimbau, played on a metal wire. If you like using a lot of auxiliary or “odd” percussion, this collection alone makes Stormdrum 3 an excellent investment.

Shakers: An assortment of uncommon objects: ganza, rainsticks, snake rattles, seed pods, and ever deer hooves from Mickey’s private collection.

Small Drums: The classics: bongos, frame drums, tambourines. The slightly more obscure: tablas, madal, and many more. Clean performances across all instruments, captured by microphones that allow the most brilliant high-end details to shine through. These may be the most fun collection of all to play.

Woods: Unusual wooden percussion from all over the world, including: unpitched wooden resonators to the chromatic gourd marimba and balaphone, mighty gourd drum, playable 12 ft. long redwood tree branch, and scraped Thailand frogs.

Microphones: Stormdrum 3 gives you control over a larger arsenal of drums, metals and miscellany than you’ve ever used, from all over the world. When Stormdrum 2 provides a solid foundation for your cinematic percussion work, SD3 provides many additional layers of depth and a much broader range of sampled instruments. If an instrument is in this collection, it was chosen for its unique sound, for the fact that very few libraries even have it. If you’re looking for a complete percussion solution for film, games, or world music, Stormdrum 3 will deliver every time.

Stormdrum 3 was recorded in Studio One, the same location as Hollywood Orchestra, allowing them to blend seamlessly in a single mix. The library includes 5 microphone positions, including: Close (set of 8 Neumanns and Sennheisers), Mid (mid tree, 15 ft), HiFi (super-clean and modern, 15 ft), Main (Neumann M50 Decca tree, 20-25 ft), and Vintage (RCA ribbons, 25 ft). You can blend these different tones and positions as you choose into a single composite sound.