Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors

Monitors vs Stereo Speakers: There IS a Difference!

Professional or home studio monitors should be expected to reproduce the sound played through them "flat," meaning they don't color or change the sound coming out. Stereo speakers are usually tuned to produce what the manufacturer thinks is a better or more pleasing sound to the listener. Studio recording monitor speakers must have extreme sound fidelity so the producer gets the best idea of the innate audio quality. Among the studio monitors for sale in our store, you’ll only find the most high-fidelity options.

But why then, when you listen to one set of monitors do you love them and someone else listens and says....meh? Because monitors (like headphones) are really about what YOU hear. What you hear is based on genetics and your age, or maybe because the bass is more important to you, it's YOUR critical listening ear that counts. However keep in mind that those who listen later to what you recorded will use their OWN ear and possibly change it to how they like it. So when you record for public consumption, usually flatter is just better.

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