Arturia Jup-8 V


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Modeled Jupiter with creamy oscillators and that instantly-recognizable 8-voice fanfare

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Jup-8 V sends an undisputed analog titan into the 21st century at warp-speed. Rebuilt from scratch, this dream synthesizer goes beyond authentic with an earth-shaking sound fused with expansive sound design flexibility.
Jup-8 V channels the unmistakably awe-inspiring polysynth power of the iconic Jupiter-8. From fluorescent ‘80s pads to dancing modulated arps, it’s hard to think of a classic synth sound that this analog powerhouse couldn’t do.

Managing to be simultaneously fat, airy and crystal clear, Jup-8 V uses our unrivalled analog modeling technology to deliver the full head-turning sound that defined - and continues to define - countless records. Not only that; we’ve turned up the heat on this giant, combining it with dynamic modern features that’ll take your sonic voyage further than ever before.

The return of a giant
Many consider the Jupiter-8 to be the greatest synthesizer ever made. Introduced in 1981, it was Japan’s answer to the American-dominated synth market - heads were turned. For synth enthusiasts, professional hitmakers, and performing keyboardists alike, the Jupiter-8 truly raised the bar.
Its extensive feature-set, from keyboard splitting to intricate modulation, was considered years ahead of its time - and it quickly became something of a household name in the synthesizer world.

Those creamy oscillators, that instantly-recognizable 8-voice fanfare, and its intricate modulation set it apart from the crowd. It famously provided the stadium-sized stabs for Thriller, the velvety pads in Radio Ga Ga, and is even a studio favorite of progressive house legend Deadmau5.

In the early ‘80s, there was no shortage of analog synths - from anthemic rock to MTV’s pop royalty, the synthesizer was the definitive voice of the time. But with the limitations of analog circuitry came limitations of sound, particularly when it came to polyphony. It felt as though there was a growing demand for a synthesizer with more voices.

The Jupiter-8 answered the call, with a truly massive sound courtesy of 8-voices, with 2 analog oscillators per voice. Here had arrived the synth that could take artists’ sound to another level, make audiences jump higher, and fill arenas like never before. It quickly became the most sought-after instrument in the world, with numerous reports of long waiting lists due to unprecedented demand.
The Jupiter-8 was simply the synthesizer that the world had been waiting for. The sonic complexity of a modular system with the immediate playability of a keyboard; the tactile control-per-parameter layout; the game-changing sound that went on to define hit record after hit record.
4 decades on from its original release, its sound remains as relevant, awe-inspiring, and powerful as ever. What better way to celebrate this iconic instrument than to emulate its every detail, and beyond?

All-powerful then, all-powerful now
Jup-8 V restores this peerless icon to its former glory, painstakingly emulated down to the finest detail. Enjoy that hairs-on-end sound and a classic hands-on synth workflow that’s inspired countless musicians over the decades. Component-level modeling meets an authentic slider-based interface.

The Jupiter voice took audiences’ collective breath away in the ‘80s, and still does to this day. Its enormous flexibility and larger-than-life stereo sound made waves - but its true power was in its 16-oscillator voice architecture.
Jup-8 V puts this unstoppable analog power at your fingertips, in spectacularly colorful detail.

What we added
Sometimes the nostalgic immersion and raw power of a vintage synthesizer is all you crave. But sometimes, you can’t help but think… "...what if?"
What if your analog polysynth had more than 1 LFO to push its sound design capabilities further? What if you could combine the gratifying playability of a classic keyboard with the cutting-edge flexibility of a modulation step-sequencer? What if you could instantly combine organic VCO warmth with crystal-clear digital FX in a single instrument?
With Jup-8 V, there are no ‘what ifs’.

Modulation that goes further
No emulation would be complete without the modulation capabilities of Jup-8 V’s hardware ancestor - but we took it a step further with 2 additional complex LFOs and a complex Modulation Mixer for more sonic variation than you can shake a stick at.

Next-level sequencing
Jup-8 V comes armed with 2 x 32-step sequencers for Notes and Modulation respectively. Better still, both of these sequencers have been enhanced in parallel, with simplified sync options, independent sequence lengths, intuitive pitch values, scales, and more - simply giving you greater control when constructing musical ideas.

Duo Sequence
Using both the notes sequencer and the mod sequencer to create a two voices sequence, with a single key press (Double Seq).
Build your topline, bassline, or synth ostinato without ever leaving Jup-8 V’s interface. Construct elaborate timed modulation sequences that routinely loop in and out of your chord movements. Weave polyrhythmic ideas between the Notes and Modulation sequencers for an ever-changing musical cycle that keeps your listeners on their toes.

Keyboard expressivity
With Jup-8 V, the keyboard does more than play notes.
The Advanced panel also conceals in-depth controls that let you harness the keyboard response for your own creative purposes. This detailed 4-part section allows you to program Velocity, Aftertouch, Keyboard Tracking, and Modwheel information to affect up to 3 destinations.
Craft your own curves, personalize your dynamic response, and wire any aspect of Jup-8 V to respond to every note that plays - you’re in control.

Digital FX
While the iconic power of the Jupiter sound lies in its unique voice architecture and modulation flexibility, a little FX never hurt anyone. Does Jup-8 V need 11 new FX to sound great? No. Does it sound absolutely mind-blowing with them added to the mix? Without a doubt.
Send your pads echoing around moon craters, or bathe them in a tide of rich analog chorus. Crush your basslines with digital grit, or slam them with heavy compression for old-school tightness. 3 FX slots, configurable in series or parallel, with 11 FX to choose from…

...that’s 11 new ways to take this classic sound to another level.


  • A next generation component-level model of the Roland Jupiter-8
  • 4 customisable voice dispersion modes for unique sound characters
  • Free-running phase oscillators with up to 16 voices of polyphony
  • VCO Cross modulation
  • Assignale VCO sync
  • Classic and Mono unison modes
  • Arpeggiator
  • Extra modulation capabilities with:
    • Two complex LFOs
    • Modulation mixer
  • Double Notes and Modulation sequencer
  • Advanced keyboard expressiveness with assignable, Velocity, Aftertouch, Modwheel & Keyboard tracking
  • Three output effect slots
  • Advanced Brightness, Timbre, Time and Movement macro controls
  • Built in tutorials
  • Over 300 factory presets