Arturia Mellotron V


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Modeled Mellotron with 5 original tape racks from MKI/MKII/M300/M400 Mellotrons and user sample import

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The Mellotron put an orchestra at the fingertips and redefined what it was to be a keyboard player. Now with modifications never dreamed of in the 1960s, our faithfully modeled reproduction will infuse your sound with updated vintage goodness.

From psychedelic rock to rocking your world
In the mid ‘60s, the Mellotron thrilled keyboardists with the ability to play tape-based recordings of actual orchestral instruments—adding its own quirky sonic character. Whether you’re conjuring the classics or creating new ones, adding this vintage sound to your music with Mellotron V is sure to make people sit up and listen.

Mellotron V puts the orchestral sounds of classic art rock right in your hands—cape optional.
Imagine a pre-digital world where sampling didn’t exist and the only way to incorporate orchestral realism in your music was, well, to hire an actual orchestra. Enter the Mellotron circa 1963. We’ve lovingly re-engineered it in Mellotron V for your music circa today.

What if you placed a tape playback mechanism under each key and fed each one a recording of a single orchestral instrument note? Crazy? Brilliant? Who cares! That ingenuity resulted in the Mellotron and empowered artists like The Beatles, The Moody Blues, Genesis and Yes to perform strings, brass, woodwinds and more without hiring a room full of session players. The imperfections of tape flutter and other 1960s electronics yielded a sort of alt-universe version of these traditional instruments. In today’s world of pristine sampling, that contrast has brought the “Tron” sound back into vogue at the hands of artists like Caro Emerald, Vampire Weekend and Kasabian.

Something old, a lot new
Here’s the thing. There are plenty of Mellotron samples out in the world—but why stop there when you can interact with a full-on model of the real thing? Thanks to our award-winning modeling tech found throughout V Collection 7, we’ve given you full control to tweak every aspect of your sound, including variable instrument mix combos, tape flutter, saturation and inherent noise.
In addition to bringing vintage essence, Mellotron V allows you to play your own samples through this iconic tape-replay engine.
There are many sounds that made the Mellotron famous. Now you have them all.

Back in the day, a Mellotron could only play whatever three instruments were burnt into its installed tape bank. Today’s Mellotron V comes complete with samples of all the best tape banks from the original instruments and let’s you mix-and-match them at the click of a mouse. You get a full library of presets with designer combos of instruments and onboard effects processing, all categorized and tagged for easy searching in the Mellotron V, Analog Lab and plugin hosts.
Get ready. A lot of people are going to be asking you, "What is that sound?!”

Faithful modeling
As with all the instruments in V Collection 7, we employed our award-winning modeling technology and skills to virtually reproduce the electro-acoustic Mellotron at the component level. You’ll recognize the unmistakable sonic signature of the instrument because we modeled the actual properties of the tape system—right down to the transport and tape heads. That means you can even dial in the amount of tape flutter, tape saturation and mechanical noise you want. We also modeled the preamp and other electronics that gave the originals such a distinctive sound.

World-class sampling
We spared no expense in seeking out cherry Mellotrons and tapes—including the M400 production unit and all its predecessors—and employed the latest sampling technology and techniques to translate and preserve them digitally. You get to play and be inspired by the actual sounds used on all those classic recordings.
Mellotron V is infinitely more flexible than the original. Load any instrument sounds you want from our top-notch library into the three tape tracks in whatever combination you want. Then dial in the mix between of any two adjacent tracks, or use the mod wheel to perform crossfades across all three. You can even set up splits and layers complete with multiple instruments on each track.

Load your own samples
Like most analog instruments, every Mellotron is different.
So is your Mellotron V.

With Mellotron V, your sounds aren’t limited to the original tape library. Load your own samples into any of the three tracks and mix them with any of the iconic stock mid-century sounds. You can even just use your samples alone and let Mellotron V lend its distinctive sonic fingerprint to them for something uniquely yours.
Use the integrated sample editor to customize any instrument, including setting up loops to extend the 8-second limit of the original tapes.

Hod-rodded mods
now stock with Mellotron V
Proprietary modeling technology let us give you custom modifications under the lid that no physical unit has ever seen. Meet the new standard.

Dial up the exact amount of tape flutter—from well calibrated to sick.

Tape saturation
Turn up the tape saturation to add some heat.

Mechanical Noise
How much of those keys and capstans do you want to hear?

Noise Floor
Dial in anything from ultraclean to how much electronics noise you want.

Vel > Volume
Where the original keys were basically on or off, you now have MIDI velocity control.

Amplitude Envelope
Shape dynamics in ways that simply weren’t possible before.

AT > Flutter
Yep, you can even control the amount of flutter with Poly-aftertouch.

Use built-in FX to sculpt Mellotron V sounds to better fit in your tracks—or mutate them into your own new space oddities.

One click reveals the full-featured FX rack that comes right inside your Mellotron V. Arrange multiple effects any way you want, followed by a virtual guitar amp or rotary speaker, and finish off with your choice of reverb to place it however far out in space you want. It’s all great fun to experiment with, and your favorite FX settings are saved right in your patches. Who knows—maybe that overdriven, flanged, rotating underwater triple violin/bassoon combo sound you create will be the new bomb!

MIDI meets Mellotron V.
MIDI wasn’t even a dream in the Mellotron’s day. Not only can you play our virtual instrument from any MIDI keyboard, sequencer or DAW, we’ve added our standard MIDI Learn functionality as well. For starters, we’ve mapped the A/B/C track selector to your mod wheel to make it easy to perform selections and fades. Add more expression to your performances by mapping this and other Mellotron V controls to any MIDI CC controllers you wish.

All this control is enough to make even vintage Mellotron owners envious.


  • 65 original tape racks from MKI/MKII/M300/M400 Mellotrons
  • User sample import: benefit from the Mellotron sound on any sample
  • 3 tracks to select or blend samples
  • Modeling parameters and modulations: flutter, tape saturation, mechanics noise, noise floor, velocity on volume and aftertouch on flutter
  • Amplitude envelope and loop controls for each sample
  • Time stretching on user samples
  • Dedicated effects pedal board
    • 4 slots with a selection of 10 different effects
    • 1 amplifier simulator (Fender Twin or Leslie)
    • 1 room ambiance
  • 61 presets