Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Pedal


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Echo/Reverb Pedal with Stereo Ins and Outs

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  • Description
Create unique echo and ambiance effects with the BOSS TE-2 Tera Echo pedal. The TE-2 analyzes and breaks down your signal to create a multiple signal-processing flow to create a distinctive echo effect. We're talking big sound that you can't find anywhere else. This isn't your typical delay or reverb, it's an all-new echo effect. Stereo ins and outs let you hook it up to your rig for huge sounds. Expand your sound into new sonic territory with the BOSS TE-2 Tera Echo pedal.

Stereo output for huge sound
Create a huge stereo landscape with the TE-2's stereo output. The Tera Echo will give you a sweet and complex guitar sound that fills any room. Stereo inputs let you add the TE-2 to another stereo pedal to ensure a complete stereo signal. You can also use the stereo outputs to drive two amps simultaneously.

Rugged design and construction that will stand up
Each BOSS pedal is housed in a stomp-ready metal box and features a rubberized stomp area and base, to help safeguard against slipping. In other words, their built like a tank. So, whether you're a fresh-out-of-the-gate beginner, an axe-veteran designing your dream pedalboard, or anywhere in between, you can depend on BOSS's proven line of pedals to craft your tone.

BOSS guitar pedals: more than 10,000,000 sold
More than 10,000,000 BOSS guitar and bass effects pedals have been sold to players worldwide, including such esteemed players as Yngie Malmsteen, Dave Navarro, John Petrucci, Marty Friedman, Steve Vai, and Joe Satriani. You've also no doubt heard BOSS pedals recorded and onstage beneath the feet of bands of all genres, including Muse, The Killers, and Silversun Pickups. The reason for the success is clear: not only do BOSS effects pedals sound great, they're designed with serious use in mind.

  • All-new echo effect
  • High-tech processing with a custom DSP chip
  • Stereo outputs for feeding 2 amps and creating wide stereo soundscapes
  • Easy-to-use control panel