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Fatar Key PCB Contact Board BELOW C 26613390


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Key Contact PCB for Fatar SL 880/990/2001/1100/900 BELOWC

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Part number: AMS-26043250 ID on back 02.0187-B 26613390

Please note that the square red connector on the bottom right hand side of the PCB board is no longer available, it is a black connector which will NOT work as a replacement.

Please see the detailed replacement instructions below (with thanks to one of our customers!) if you do not feel this is for you, then please purchase SKU27819 which includes BOTH boards and a ribbon connector that is required.

AMS-26043260 Key Contact PCB SL 880/990/2001/1100/900 below C

Replacement Instructions: The tools needed are an electronics soldering gun, a small roll of rosin core solder and a desoldering wick, all available at Radio Shack for a total cost of $15.
Basically, what you do is remove the new style (black) connector that comes on the new board and replace it with the old style (red) connector from the broken board. The new board can then be connected to the old board via the old style ribbon cable, and everything works perfectly
1. Turn the new key contact board over and locate the four solder points that hold the new style connector on the board.
2. Place the tip of the desoldering wick on one of the soldler points and touch it with the hot soldering iron until wick draws the melted solder out of the connection. Repeat for the other three solder points.
3. Turn the new board over again and pull the new style connector out..
4. Remove the old style connector from the broken key contact board by repeating the above steps.
5. Place the old style connector into the four holes on the new contact board from which the new style connector was removed. (Note that the location of the four holes on the new board ensures that the old style connector is oriented correctly.
6. Turn the new board over and solder the four points that will hold the old style connector onto the board.
Although the circuits on the new key contact board are laid out quite differently that those on the old board, the keyboard work fine after this repair.

Please note these replacement instructions were provided to us from a customer who performed the work himself, as a courtesy to other customers in the same situation. The Midi Store accepts NO responsibility for the accuracy of this information!