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Fatar Studiologic Numa Organ 2


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73 Key Waterfall action keyboard. First octave reverse-colored keys. 9 Drawbars, 2 Pedals
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  • Description
The NUMA Organ is a lifelike model of the famous original tone wheel organ by Joey de Francesco. For more than two years this instrument (built in the 1950s) was technically analyzed and measured precisely with the finest equipment. Every detail of the original tone wheel organ no matter how small, from the hum and buzz, the mechanical crosstalk of tone wheels to the mechanical clicks of switching contacts, simply every aspect, is incorporated into the physical model of the NUMA Organ. Also drastic sound changes from nostalgic dirt to clean or an amazing rotary speaker simulation are on board, it just sounds like the original but with 70kg less weight.


  • TP8O Keyboard (organ keyboard, Waterfall) with 73 keys
  • Sound engine: Physical modeling synthesis
  • 3 zones: Upper / Lower / Pedal Board
  • 2 velocity curves (Fixed / Dynamic)
  • 12 presets
  • Effect Processor
  • Pitch Wheel
  • Rotary / Modulation Wheel
  • 9 drawbars
  • Chorus / Vibrato Knob
  • Transpose and Fatar Dynamic Touch Button
  • Dimensions: 111 x 35 x 11.5 cm
  • Weight: 10.0 kg

The NUMA Organ offers 12 overwritable preset locations that allow you to control your MIDI audio equipment such as synthesizers, samplers or sound modules live on stage. You can control virtual tone generators such as those found in computer based systems in existing studio environments.

The TP80 (Organ Waterfall) keyboard mechanism has a very high quality feel and offers weighted original organ-style keys for all keyboard players who like the feel of a real classic organ. An up-to-date technology organ (which is also a Master Keyboard Controller) combined with the sound and feel of a classic organ keybed gives simply the perfect combination.

The instrument also offers an excellent Rotary speaker simulation for an authentic vivid sound. The NUMA Organ simply sounds exactly like the original - but is 70kg lighter...