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IK Multimedia AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix Anniversary (Download)


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Plug into the Experience
AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix Anniversary celebrates one of guitar's most iconic players. When you think of the modern electric guitar, no doubt certain images pop into your head. However, perhaps none are more ubiquitous than the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Believe it or not, November 27, 2012 was the 70th anniversary of Jimi's birth, and we commemorated it with this collection, which features stunningly authentic models of vintage Hendrix gear.


  • Gear collection for AmpliTube Custom Shop
  • 7 meticulously recreated amps and matching cabs
  • Plus 11 stomps, 1 rack FX and 3 mics
  • Powered by IK's award-winning DSM™ technology
  • No previous version of AmpliTube required
  • Works seamlessly with the new Custom Shop updates

What sparked a generation of players
AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™ Anniversary Collection is the expanded officially licensed collection of gear used by Hendrix in the studio and on tour. You'll be able to plug into the same stuff Jimi used to create the sounds that to this day are still regarded as THE voice of the electric guitar — the sound that will bring you back to the Woodstock era, while still sounding incredibly fresh and contemporary.

Gear available in AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix
The AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™ Anniversary Collection gives you 7 amps, 7 cabinets, 3 microphones, 11 stomps and 1 rack effects, for a grand total of 29 pieces of vintage Hendrix gear.

New additions include SilverTwelve (model based on the Silvertone® Twin Twelve 1484™), offering gritty distortion and massive clean tone; JH Gold (model based on a Marshall® JTM 45™), Jimi’s fave Marshall from 1968 on, modeled with our IK’s DSM™ and SCC™ modeling technologies; JH 1200 (model based on the Sunn® 1200S™), a high-powered tube bass head used by guitarists and bassists; and EP Tape Echo (model based on the Maestro® Echoplex®), which gives you the sound of the most famous echo unit of all time.

7 Amplifiers

  • American Vintage B
  • American Vintage D
  • American Vintage T
  • British Lead S100
  • JH 1200
  • JH Gold
  • SilverTwelve

7 Cabinets

  • 2x12 Open SL
  • 2x12 Open T J120
  • 2x15 Closed B J130
  • 2x15 Closed D J130
  • 4x12 Closed 25 C
  • 4x12 Closed 75 C
  • 4x12 Closed J120

11 Stompboxes

  • Class Fuzz
  • EP Tape Echo
  • Fuzz Age
  • Fuzz Age 2
  • FuzzOne
  • Octa-V
  • Opto Tremolo
  • Right Fuzz
  • Uni-V
  • Wah 46
  • XS Fuzz

1 Rack Effect

  • Rotary Speaker

3 Microphones

  • Condenser 12
  • Condenser 67
  • Ribbon 160