Korg NTS-2 Digital Oscilloscope Kit - KIT & book Bundle


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Synthesizer Module DIY Kit, with Assembly Tool, USB Cable and Manual

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  • Description
    • Four-channel input OSCILLISCOPE to monitor and analyze audio and CVsignals,flexible WAVEGENERATOR, a SPECTRUM analyzer, as well as a TUNER 

    • 2 THRU stereo outputs so your NTS-2 blends seamlessly into your signal flow without having to re-patch 

    • Waveform generator with 2 oscillators to produce several waveforms, LFOs (Hz / Tones), Noise, Pulses and Envelopes 
with 2 dedicated mono outputs (one for each oscillator) 

    • FFT (Fast Fourier transform) visualizer with Spectrum Analyzer 

    • FlexibleTuner with 2 displaymodes 

    • Display:Big,clearandbrightwitha visuallyintuitivecolor-codingscheme