Mission Engineering

Mission Engineering EP-11 Eleven Rack Expression Pedal


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All Metal, Single Channel Eleven Rack Expression Pedal

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  • Description
The Mission Engineering EP-11 is the perfect expression pedal for the Pro Tools Eleven Rack .
The linear potentiometer is matched exactly to the specifications of the Eleven Rack for a precise and natural response. Just connect to the Exp. Pedal input on the rear panel of the Eleven Rack with a 1/4"³ TRS cable, and select 'EP-11' from the Eleven Rack expression pedal settings.
Using the Eleven Rack with a MIDI controller? Just flip the toggle switch on the EP-11 and connect it to an expression pedal input. The EP-11 is compatible with many popular MIDI controllers including the Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro. 

The Mission EP-11 connects to the Eleven Rack with a 1/4"³ TRS cable. 

  • Dimensions: L9.9"³ x W3.9"³ x H3.0"³ (L and W at widest points. H at toe down including feet.)
  • Weight: 3.15 lbs
  • Exp output: 1/4"³, 10K Linear, TRS tip to wipe