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Mission Engineering Expressionator Multi-Expression Controller


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All Metal, 3-Channel Output Expression Controller

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  • Description
The Expressionator multi-expression controller allows musicians to connect one expression pedal with up to three expression enabled effects and control them individually or simultaneously.

Expressionator provides a powerful set of features for expression control:
  • Three stomp switch selectable expression outputs.
  • Five programmable taper options
  • Three color LED channel selection indication.
  • LED pedal position indicator.
  • Internal memory to save presets.
Using Expressionator is simple. Connect an expression pedal to the input with a TRS cable. Expressionator works perfectly with the Mission EP-1 and EP-25K expression pedals. Connect the outputs to the expression pedal inputs on your effects. You can use the stomp switch to cycle the expression pedal between the different effects. You can control each effect individually, or program Expressionator to control any combination simultaneously. You can even control the taper of the expression pedal response.

Linear - Normal control
Reverse Linear - Heel and toe are reversed
Reverse Log - For use with volume pedals
Saw - Ramps 16x with each full sweep
Square - Toggles min to max 16x with each full sweep

Programs are saved to flash memory so that your settings are ready to go when you power on. Expressionator is compatible with expression pedal inputs on most stomp boxes, MIDI controllers, and multi effects units.
Expressionator can control many effects units, stomp boxes and MIDI controllers with a TRS expression pedal input. For use with TS Line 6 devices, use the Mission EXP-L6A adapter. Each Expressionator channel can also be enabled to provide an active +5v CV signal in place of the default passive expression pedal resistance so that you can control synthesizers, keyboards, sequencers, drum machines and similar CV compatible devices. Some effects pedals can also accept a CV input.

The new look V2 Expressionator features a lightweight brushed aluminum enclosure with high contrast graphics designed to make the controls easier to read on your pedal board.

  • Dimensions: 4.4"³ x 2.4"³ x 1.4"³
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs
  • Exp output: 3x 1/4"³, 20K Linear, TRS tip to wiper
  • CV output: 3x 1/4"³, +5vdc
  • Inputs: 1x 1/4"³ TRS expression pedal
  • Power Requirements: 9vdc via 2.1mm barrel, center pin negative
  • Box Contents: 1x Expressionator, 1x User Guide