Mission Engineering

Mission Engineering SP-H9 Dual Channel Expression Pedal


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All Metal, Dual Channel Expression Pedal for Eventide H9

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  • Description
The SP-H9 expression controller with integrated switch connects to the Eventide H9 with a single cable.
An external aux switch can also be connected via the input on the SP-H9. This offers the convenience and flexibility to chose between either the internal or external switch to control functions within the H9.
An LED indicates that the expression pedal is connected correctly. The SP-H9 is powered from the H9 via the TRS cable. No battery or external power supply is required.

The Mission SP-H9 connects to the H9 with a single TRS cable and has both an expression pedal control and an internal aux switch. An additional input allows an external TS momentary aux switch to be used in parallel with the internal switch if required.

The Mission SP-H9 is designed specifically for use with the Eventide H9 Harmonizer. It is not intended for use with other devices.
  • Dimensions: L9.9"³ x W3.9"³ x H3.0"³ (L and W at widest points. H at toe down including feet.)
  • Weight: 3.15 lbs
  • Exp output: 1/4"³, 10K Linear