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Musical Sampling Atelier Fauxgorian


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Lush legato male vocal release intended for cinematic and electronic contexts - Mac/PC requires full version of Kontakt

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Oftentimes during the research and experimental phase of development, we’ll create instruments that don’t necessarily belong to a bigger, themed release. Instead of attempting to shoehorn them into a future release or trying to construct a comprehensive product around it, we decided to create the Atelier Series so that other composers can enjoy our explorations in sample development as well. 

Atelier Series Fauxgorian is a lush legato male vocal release intended for cinematic and electronic contexts. 

Performed by producer/composer Brad Jerkins, Fauxgorian’s initial aim was to create a vocal legato library that was a bit more unconventional. We recorded three different vowels (ahh, mmm, ooo) and processed the recordings to achieve a unique, wide, quasi-Gregorian flavor that can suit a variety of modern settings. We also provided two natural solo legato patches (ooo, mmm). 

Also included is Pagan Ritual – a brooding, deep, organic instrument that works great for heavy, amoebic basslines. Perpetuum – keyswitch patch housing five presets of evolving vowel sustains processed with a bespoke array of hardware pedals. The Black Speech – a collection of processed whisper chants both solo and faux ensemble (try not to use these in a track at 3 AM). 


Fauxgorian Legato – Ooo

Fauxgorian Legato – Ahh

Fauxgorian Legato – Mmm

Fauxgorian Solo Legato – Ooo

Fauxgorian Solo Legato – Mmm

Perpetuum – Keyswitch

Pagan Ritual

The Black Speech


Lush stacked and natural solo male legato vocals

Non-vibrato performances

All samples looped

Legato transitions < sustains recorded “long-style”

Includes ethereal evolving sustains keyswitch patch

Adjustable reverb of custom hall impulse