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Modern ensemble drum library for trailers, film,  game and television composers - Mac/PC requires full version of Kontakt

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Medusa is a modern ensemble drum library created for trailer producers as well as film, game and television composers.

We also made it a point to smack the living snot out of the drums for the top velocities. Couldn't really be in that room without a good set of closed cans if you valued your hearing. Blisters weren't uncommon either.

Getting the mix presets dialed-in was just as crucial and took the most time during Medusa's production cycle to really get right. Hermes is a tight, punchy mix. Centaur is the all-rounder while Zeus takes excellent advantage of the room tone. The Gorgon mix is a hyped, massive, punchy mix designed specifically for trailers. It's yuuuge.

We created the Concussion Hits patch which is comprised of 49 unique, aggressively-processed hits designed to be used as massive accents and low-end support. We've also included a WAVs folder of those hits and more for those who prefer that workflow (also makes sense for longer samples like risers).

To complete the percussive side of Medusa, we created The Pulses patch - which includes a collection of live hybrid rhythms meant to act as detailed background layers in your percussion tracks. Want a bit more involvement with those grooves? Move that modwheel up!

We've also included an arsenal of playable sound design patches which include drones, keys, guitars, basses, synths, cue starters, etc. -- all kinds of material for you to start rippin' tracks right out the gate. No fluff or afterthoughts here either. We recorded a lot of new source material and built these puppies from the ground-up.


  • *Ensemble Drums + Sound Design
  • *Designed for trailer producers and film/game/television composers.
  • *Simple and intuitive interface.
  • *Four "baked-in" mix presets that are interchangeable between different drum groups.
  • *Ensembles include 12 toms, 4 kicks, 4 snares, 4 hi-hats, 8 crashes, 4 suspended cymbals, 4 rides, 7 tambourines, 7 stompers, 7 clappers, gran casa.
  • *Concussion Hits patch for massive accents and low-end support.
  • *WAVs available for all Concussion Hits samples + risers.
  • *The Pulses patch with crossfade-able live hybrid rhythms.
  • *Arsenal of production-ready, playable sound design patches.
  • *Live eighth-note hi-hat grooves recorded at 90/120/140 BPM that sync to your DAW's tempo.
  • *Crossfade-able hi-hat grooves (crossfades between five different hi-hat states; from tight to all-open).
  • *Groove Speed Control (Half/Normal/Double).
  • *Adjustable humanization feature (Off/Tight/Natural/Loose).
  • *Volume control for each drum group.
  • *Assignable Kontakt outputs for each drum group.
  • *Recorded in 48khz/24bit.
  • *5.2 GB compressed NCW format.
  • *Compatible with Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher (requires full retail version of Kontakt).
  • *Receive watermarked product by Continuata Connect downloader.