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12hp module with four digital oscillators, 64 waveforms and 7 processing modes

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QUADNIC reps. our 2nd collobaration with SpaceHardware,a deeply featured 12hp module with four digital oscillators,each with a selection of 64 waveforms, 7 different processing modes including phase distortion and wave sequencing, and a dedicated volt per octave input.

In unison mode, all 4 OSCs can be played via the 1st 1V/O input, by 1V/O inputs 1-4, and widely detuned, or switched to a preset chord formation,a major move beyond the 'one note samba' monophonic, module choreography we all know and mainly love, but... scooch over Grainy, Quadnic is cookin' up digi-vittles for four. "Come 'n' git it!" and stay in record: the Quadnic is non-programmable; when the power recycles, the Quad defaults to voice 1 active with current pot positions. All edits are live; all edits are volitale. Exciting. Always fresh.

The Four Oscillator Structureimage gets one into the weeds of the sound; if you prefer a purely horizontally oriented vector/text-based V2 pdf(click there), or view the V1 Designers' Tutorial Video.

Aliens in the Amazon(a Tom Oberheim/TVS Pro team-up) is definitely worth a listen...

Quadnic Version 2 pdfsoutline the expressive 12-2-16 features
thanks Bastl Instrumentsfor the dramatic Master Mode functionality/expansion suggestions, which we had the good sense to implement near immediately. Control of all the OSCs parameters globally without sacrificing individual CV control is now a reality: essentially a sensible polyphonic mode with individual CV control. Previous OS Master Modes used only OSC 1 as the controlling CV,the additional mode uses all 4 controlling CVs. Changing stronger together.rolling CVs. Changing stronger together.