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Studio Electronics Tonestar 8106


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ARP® 2600-inspired Eurorack Modular Synth

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  • Description
TONESTAR 8106, an ARP® 2600-inspired complete synth, infuses Tim Caswell's "Jupiter to Juno" filter alchemy,a 6db/oct hi-pass filter followed by a recreation of the Roland IR3109 module,into our Tonestar 2600 platform; this chirpy yet full-bodied 8106 model is also fully #OutsToOuts modular featuring 27 pots,one more that the 2600 model for the high-pass filter, 6 switches,one less, sacrificing resonance modulation for that high-pass filtering, and 21 jacks. If the Tone˜† 8106 thins somewhat with resonance excess, route the triangle wave 'round the VCF with the "NO VCF" switch setting, and keep this juicy reimagining of the Roland® IR3109 module boomin' and gloomin'.

"The VCO is the same affair as the Oscillation, the Boomstar, and the Omega. It's kind of a combination of Arp®, Oberheim® and Moog® circuits (sort of a greatest hits), time-tested, very stable,very good tracking over a very large range; certain parts have to be hand selected to achieve that level of exacting performance. Editors Note: This module is a TONESTAR,its own thing,and not a 2600 clone attempt; nevertheless, the Tone tugs lovingly at times on the sleeve of the 1970's era classic.
Envelope FYI:
The Tonestar Sustain control replicates the behavior of the 2600 and Odyssey: after the initial Decay, it continues to move (sink) very slowly, adding a little extra texture to the sound. It's technically a flaw, but after digging out my Odyssey, it is for sure a desirable "quirk", and the perfect companion to the 4072 filter (which we mistakenly titled a 4075 in the Boomstar Modular line).Another bit of fun: The LFO is voltage controlled, so you can envelope, LFO, or otherwise modulate both the rate and the depth; the ADSR amount is also voltage controlled, so it can be manipulated by MIDI dynamics, MIDI volume, an LFO, etc.